Dubbi a Brooklyn: Amatricana o Cacio e Pepe

Cacio e pepe o amatriciana? Un dubbio esistenziale che e legittimo coltivare anche lontano dalle cucine della Capitale, girovagando in quel di Brooklyn, New York. Qui e un piacere imbattersi in Francesco Panella, romano molto internazionale.  

Pasolini a New York

New York. Al MoMA grande omaggio a Pier Paolo Pasolini, al ristorante Antica Pesa

Antica Pesa, Numero 28, 606 R&D, More Coming Soon

Heatmap Williamsburg: Roving photographer Will Femia notices that there’s a notice up on the back of the old Planet Thai space, the Berry Street side. A restaurant called Antica Pesa is hoping to open at 115 Berry St. See more

Off the Menu

ANTICA PESA WILLIAMSBURG Francesco and Simone Panella, who own Antica Pesa in the Trastevere district of Rome, are trying their hand at New York. They see Williamburg, Brooklyn, as comparable to Trastevere, which is also artsy and across a river from the central city. Their menu is dominated by Roman classics, including spaghetti cacio e […]

We Hear

Antica Pesa, the Rome hot spot where Zac Efron and Madonna have dined, launches in Williamsburg on Friday and has already hosted private dinners for guests including Mayor Bloomberg See more

Rome’s Best Come to Brooklyn

Antica Pesa Brooklyn Opening: Since 1922, when the famous peoples go to Rome, they’ve gone to Antica Pesa, and we’re talking Zach Braff-level famous… but also DeNiro, Richard Gere, and his wife, Law & Order Assistant District Attorney Jamie Ross. And now very non-famous you can go, because an outpost just opened in Williamsburg with […]