Via Garibaldi 18, Roma
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Wine Cellar


Wine Cellar International and Professional


Since 1922, the wine cellar has been fundamental to the Antica Pesa restaurant. The wine cellar has made remarkable developments over the years, so much as in 2010 to earn the prize for best wine cellar of the year in the restaurant guide, Italian Espresso.

It was built in 2003 and renovated in 2007 to be thermo-controlled and positioned in a tuff rock environment, with ideal humidity for the maintenance of the nearly 1,100 labels that make up its famous wine list.

You can find the best Italian labels, such as Masseto, Sassicaia, Solaia, Ornellaia, Brunello, Barolo and Barbaresco. There is no lack of world-class labels, such as those from Bordeaux and Burgundy.

The wine cellar can be visited upon request, and we can organize dinners and small events for up to 12 people.


An historical Wine Cellar

Legend says that during the Porta San Pancrazio and Gianicolo battles, which were the central events of the short-lived Roman Republic proclaimed by the Triumvirate of Mazzini-Armellini-Saffi in 1849, Garibaldi and his heroic combatants rested in Trastevere in the local Inn (Locanda), now known as Antica Pesa, to gather and reorganise their armies in order to fight the French lead by General Oudinot, who bombed the Gianicolo hill from Villa Doria Pamphili.

The Roman Republic surrendered on 1 July 1849, amongst the countless dead and injured soldiers. The French entered the city on 2 July 1849, through the current Via Garibaldi, taking over Trastevere and Porta Portese. The recovery of military equipment and weapons from the Renaissance in our cellar make the stories passed on by our ancestors even more credible.