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Antica Pesa Roma

in the heart of Trastevere since 1922




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Our history in the Heart of Rome


In the 600s, Trastevere’s Via Garibaldi was the customs post for the Papal State where wheat taxes were collected; here, the former customs officer decided to establish a tavern that provided bread and wine to the many farmers who came to pay their taxes. This explains the curious name of “Antica Pesa” (or “Ancient Weigh House”), coined at the end of the nineteenth century when its original function of customs was replaced by that of a real tavern.

In 1922 with the first of four generations of the Panella family, it was transformed into a “tavern with a kitchen”, in effect becoming a real restaurant. Only after the sixties did a slow evolution begin, one that transformed the old neighborhood tavern into an established restaurant recognized city-wide.

Art of Hospitality


The history of Antica Pesa goes hand in hand with the attention and care attributed to hospitality. For this reason, the time spent at the Antica Pesa is not just a culinary experience but a journey through art history: the walls were decorated by painters who frescoed the room, the work of artists at the beginning of their careers that were inspired by the special atmosphere still found in the most characteristic neighborhoods of Rome.

The search for balance between professionalism and warmth, tradition and innovation. All of this is Antica Pesa.

Simone Panella


His work in the kitchen is based on both respect and a renewal of tradition through modern techniques, research in the area, and invention when needed, without forcing it.

It is hard work that endures on the premise that, if done with passion, it is an experience rich with new and fascinating challenges.

Francesco Panella


Passion and will to question himself, every day. This is his philosophy. And great care for his projects: Rome, New York.

Energy and determination born from the desire to improve and give a voice to a gastronomic and oenological adventure that is centered in Italian cuisine, innovation, tradition.

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