100 anni di cucina romana

100 years of

Roman cuisine

in the recipes and history of Antica Pesa

100 years of history and passion: the secrets of Roman cuisine from one of the most famous Italian restaurants in the world

Antica Pesa in the heart of Trastevere, is more than a restaurant: it is an institution.

It has been this way since its origins; when it gave refreshments to the Garibaldians or hosted the meetings of the Circle of the Smaniosi, members of that “society of big gluttons” made famous by the popular song. But it was in the 1950s with La Dolce Vita, when Antica Pesa became a real point of reference. A must for all those who wish to immerse themselves in true Roman life, in the authentic spirit of a city that is unique in the world. Artists, writers, actors, directors, alongside residents & tourists, meet at Antica Pesa to taste traditional dishes in a true characteristic atmosphere. In the following years, thanks to leadership strongly rooted both in the territory while capable of experimentation, Antica Pesa substantiates itself as the modern pillar of tradition, which it reinterprets and innovates in light of its history.

Cacio e pepe, gricia, carbonara, tripe, coda alla vaccinara: each recipe reveals an approach that is respectful of typical dishes and ingredients, but at the same time dynamic and forward-looking, to rediscover the true flavors of Roman cuisine using creativity and modern techniques.

100 anni dell'Antica Pesa

The Panella family thanks to the passion for this profession, despite the difficulties, has managed to achieve success, innovating more every day and creating a place where the Roman tradition has been the leitmotif of all its evolution, so much so that it has succeeded to transmit it even beyond the Italian borders, up to New York.

Heinz Beck


Available online, in bookstores with distribution throughout Italy, and for signed copies at Antica Pesa restaurants


“This is how Antica Pesa was born, a restaurant in Rome that is now an institution and between a lamb or a carbonara over the years has seen history pass on its tables, among great characters, celebrities and epochal changes.”

Among the clients were dozens of politicians and actors. The Panella brothers: “The Romans were the first to sponsor our cuisine and make it known abroad too”

“Not just a recipe book but a journey through time, accompanied by unpublished images of the restaurant, in whose atrium, originally, the Garibaldians gathered.”

“40 recipes that tell the Panella family’s 100 years of history and passion for food and their work and the evolution of the city of Rome through traditional dishes and unpublished historical images”

“Antica Pesa contains in its kitchens not only the history, love and passion of the Panella family for food and their work, but also tells the evolution of the city of Rome over the last 100 years. Antica Pesa is therefore not just a simple restaurant, but a bulwark of our food and wine culture and a special place that represents our capital and its traditions. “