Professional Chefs Share Their Top Tips For Making Pasta From Scratch

For first-time pasta makers, Emanuele Baldassini, the executive chef of Antica Pesa in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, recommends choosing shapes like fettuccine or pappardelle “because they are simple to create and do not require any special tools, just a rolling pin and a knife. See more

11 Restaurants with Spring Risotto on the Menu in NYC

Risotto Asparagi e Gorgonzola at Antica Pesa This cozy Williamsburg restaurant celebrating Roman cuisine is run by the Panella family. Spring brings this bright risotto to the menu that’s made with asparagus puree, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and gorgonzola combined with Carnaroli rice and a rich vegetable stock. It’s garnished with shaved fresh asparagus and toasted almonds. See […]

FARE OF THE COUNTRY; In Italy, Risotto Gains on Pasta

It may come as a surprise to learn that Italy is the No. 1 producer of rice in Europe and one of its largest consumers despite the fact that rice is not indigenous. Some of the risotto dishes mentioned here are available at the following restaurants in Italy….Risotto con Salsa di Scampi (risoto with shrimp […]

Sunday Opinion

EATING: Antica Pesa is a restaurant my wife and I discovered in downtown Rome. Our favorite dish there is fusilli trafilati in oro con broccoletti e salsiccia di Monte San Biagio, which is the best broccoli and sausage pasta I’ve ever See more


Russell Crowe feasting on cacio e pepe pasta at Antica Pesa Rome